Hungry Bill: Wordsmith. Tunesmith. Blacksmith.

At first glance, nothing seems amiss.Legend has it that at the age of 12, HUNGRY BILL won a pancake eating contest (37cornmeal cakes in 21 minutes, but who's counting?) at a church nestled in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania'sAmish Country. As a boy, his insatiable hunger for pancakes was eclipsed only by his voraciousappetite for telling weird and wonderful stories. At age 17, HUNGRY BILL bought his firstguitar and began composing unusual melodies to accompany his dark tales. The result was beautiful, haunting ... and hilarious.

Today, his life having grown only more outlandish, HUNGRY BILL is a Pittsburgh attorney. He has maintained his niche as a quirkysongwriter for more than 20 years. He shipped his first songs off to the nationally syndicated "Dr.Demento" radio show, where they were played alongside songs by comedians Weird Al Yankovic, RobinWilliams, Cheech and Chong and Woody Allen. He began performing in the post-punk '80s atPittsburgh's Electric Banana, where he opened for hundreds of local and national acts. More recently, he has played at colleges, coffee shops, comedy clubs and the intimate confines of mega-bookstores throughout the mid-Atlantic states. His songs have received college andcommercial radio airplay. HUNGRY BILL's background as a Public Defender trial attorneyand sole practitioner have given rise to a growing number of songs depicting the dark (yet funny) side of lawyers and the people they represent. In fact, HUNGRY BILL is currently working on acompilation of his legally (and illegally) influenced songs, which will be released on a forthcoming CD titled "The Trial Ballads of Attorney Billy Paxsil."

Harry could tell you some stories about Hungry Bill, but he won't.HUNGRY BILL's CD releases, "My Weird Uncle (1999)," "Hungry Bill Live at Mr. Small'sFunhouse (2002)" and "I Am Suspicious (2007)," feature bizarre yet well-crafted,clever songs about people whose lives were previously only featured on "Cops" and in certain low-budget documentaries. Those who believe the police are watching them,people who give sponge baths for sexual gratification, people who flee the police after beingarrested and handcuffed, Amish jitney drivers, Amish criminal defense attorneys, butt-shaped airbags, poltergeists hogging the commode, ninth-grade pranksters whofill piñatas with excrement and a dyslexic graphic artist who botches business cards.

In addition to being an attorney by day, Amish Rocker and self-described "psychoustic storyteller"™ by night, HUNGRY BILL has (despite his slender frame) won several pancake eating contests, can consumemore food than most humans, and most importantly can make an awesome pancake.
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